Another Year Is Just About Over


This year's adventure is about over.

This year’s adventure is about over.


Another year has gone by and I guess its time to put the old baggage away and get out the new. Christmas is here and I’m sure the year to come is going to be filled with fun photography.

I hope that the thoughts and experiences I have written about this past year have been interesting and worth reading. My goal is to write articles that are, at the least, a bit different from the exotic location photos in magazines, and that complicated on-line how-to.

I will admit that just posting a couple of pictures with a how I-did-it recipe would be easier, but this damn medium of photography is so damn exciting that I can’t help but talk about why I like it.

As I wrote last year, there are so many people writing about photography that I do wonder if I can add anything worth viewing and reading.

I try to stick with a technique that worked during the many years I taught photography and that is to tell a story that includes photo information I want to discuss.

Something else that I learned during my years teaching was to keep the subject fresh. That meant introducing something new each class and that is how I choose my topics, something different each week.

Changing the subject each week does get hard, and (I wish I could say it wasn’t so) there are other things in life than photography and it isn’t unusual for me to say Linda, “Gosh, I have no idea what am I going to write about this week.”

Fortunately, with Linda’s help it usually works out and I come up with something to say each week.

Linda reminded me that last year I mentioned those subjects that I enjoyed writing about the most. Well, looking back here are my personal favorites.

My article in August, “Two Photographers Are More Fun” was very personal because my wife Linda is the best photo-partner I could ask for. Throughout the year I wrote several times about the Lighting workshops I lead. I enjoy watching others learn about photography and in my articles I try to explain a little about that process and adventure. I also wanted to let people know how much fun I had in September photographing a little location at Vancouver’s Denman Street and Stanley Park. Those are a few. I generally liked all the subjects I photographed and wrote about.

I’ll keep this short and wish all photographers out there a very Merry Christmas.

10 responses to “Another Year Is Just About Over

  1. Love the photo of the past year… couldn’t be described better 😉

    I really enjoyed your posts up to now. It is true that there is a mountain of info on photography out there – but don’t forget that photographers are very much individualists… so, you will always have something extra to add, to teach or to remind us of…

    Merry Christmas to you and Linda too, John… 🙂


  2. Hi John,

    In the many-dimensional Christmas greeting madness, I’m not sure who I have wished what to whom 🙂 So …

    Merry Christmas to you and all around you!
    Be well in the New Year,


    • Hello Frank, In my opinion one can’t say Merry Christmas enough. Gosh, how many times have we exchanged greeting since the early 1970s?
      With that I hope we will be saying Merry Christmas for years to come…and I hope you and you family had a fun Christmas and will have a really great year.


  3. I also enjoy reading your blogs, there is often things to make me think on why I love photography and motivation to get out and try new techniques and explore new places. Thank-you! Happy New Year to you and Linda as well!

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