Photographer’s resolutions for 2017  

The snows and drab colours of 2016 with the growth and bright colours of 2017.

The snows and drab colours of 2016 with the growth and bright colours of 2017.

So many people are saying they are relieved 2016 is over. I don’t know if I am really ready for this year to be over yet, there are lot of things I have enjoyed. That said, this year, 2016, like so many before it has passed by like a rocket. And there surely are new and exciting opportunities in the year to come, so I asked some friends if they had any resolutions or personal photography goals for 2017.

I knew they would struggle a bit knowing I wanted more than the usual simple ones we read about on some forums like, use a tripod more, turn off Auto mode, shoot RAW, make a photo-a-day challenge, and so on.

These first five are from my friends. I have edited them a bit, but the following is what I liked best from their resolutions for 2017.

  1. “This year my approach to photography is going to be to romance the simple things.” I like that. So much of the time photographers get so involved with the latest technology and spread themselve’s over everything while forgetting about the small stuff. And I think adding a bit of romance (whatever that means to each of us) is always a good thing.
  1. “I’ll be learning lots, I just got lights an they’ll give me plenty of opportunity to develop my own style. I want my knowledge to show in my work.” There is nothing like education. I can’t think of a better goal for any photographer.

3. “To grow and improve, as a photographer.” Now that is a good resolution.

  1. “Try new techniques and explore new places”. I could also use words like “examine” and “research.”

5.   “Despite how busy things get, make the time to shoot.” That is a great resolution for any one that enjoys this                                                  exciting medium.

I want to finish by adding two from previous years so as to give us a “Lucky Seven” for a lucky year for 2017.

  1. “Be more ruthless with the seeing and editing process; conditioning oneself to throw out the crap is the only way to keep improving.” This resolution is “quality not quantity”.

And I’ll suggest a final resolution number for everyone:

  1. “That they should take risks photographically and move away from always trying to please, and fitting in with what everyone else is doing.”

Make this the year to push beyond the comfort zone without being concerned with other’s opinions, to be pleased  first for oneself. Make this the year to put “me” in the photograph.   Linda and I are wishing everyone a Happy and eventful New Year.

Do you have a resolution for your photography for 2017 you’d like to share?

20 responses to “Photographer’s resolutions for 2017  

  1. Lately I am realizing more and more that at a certain point I started shooting thinking of my blog… “Is this interesting to be blogged?” “Will they like it?”
    So, the last point certainly goes for me… 😉

    I like blogging, most of all for all the contacts I have around the world. That is very rewarding in itself. Though rarely deep-going, it is nice to read the thoughts of people from far away places and I would not want to turn away from that 🙂 And, being human, I like to be liked… 😉

    But on a byway, I’d like to re-root myself and see if it leads me to another point – or if I will just end up where I am now… So, I guess you could call that some sort of resolution?… 😉


    • Yes, I agree that the many other bloggers we meet make being a blogger worth the time and cost of a WordPress site. My advice is to just keep learning something new and make your goal to keep getting better. I have to say that the resolutions my five friends gave me are we’ll worth adopting.
      Happy New Year to you and yours.

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  2. Excellent resolutions John! #6 will be mine, it’s always hard to say “you don’t need to take a second (or 3rd) shot of the same thing”, and I really need to learn to delete more…why am I hanging on to the ones I don’t think are good enough to do any further processing on??? lol! Happy New Year to you both!


  3. Terrific post, John… you always get me thinking. I would like to work on a new specific project/theme (#7) and read more photography related books and try new techniques. Happy New Year and thanks for your thoughtful posts.


  4. The final resolution is my favorite. I dislike rules. I like to photograph in a way that pleases my eye, whether I break a rule or not!


    • Thats good Lynne, just get out and make some pictures and choose subjects that have meaning to you.
      I also will point my camera at subject that please me. What those subjects are changes depending on my mood. However, I rarely break the “rules” of Composition. My goal is alway to create images that endure and give a viewer a reason to look over and over again.


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