Leibster Blog award Nomination

I will thank Humbled Pie, http://humbledpie.wordpress.com for the Leibster blog award nomination. I had to look it up and will apologise that its origins are still unclear to me. However. I am delighted that someone appreciates my words about, what to me is, the exciting world of photography.


I enjoy reading and looking at pictures – so in my mind perusing the vastness of the Internet for Bloggers that are also consumed with photography is educational, inspiring and fun.


That Southern Living and Photography Blogger, HumblePie, http://humbledpie.wordpress.com instructs me to:



1.Add a photo for the award you received to a blog post.


2. Link back to your nominating blogger in your post.


3. Tell us some random stuff about yourself that might not be evident by following your blog.


4. Nominate some worthy bloggers for the same award you received and leave them a note linking them back to your award post.

Hmmm.. Some random things about me:


I am “sort of” retired.


When it comes to choosing subjects to photograph I am opportunistic.


Although readers already have found it apparent, I really do enjoy almost everything about photography.  And can be drawn into any conversation that touches on the subject of photography.


My nominations of those (other than Humble Pie) that I do find the time to read and appreciate are:












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