4 responses to “Boyd Norton’s Class

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your crazy photography adventures John! I had considered getting an RB67 back in the day – mainly to shoot nicely detailed landscapes or large group shots. However I mainly used my Olympus OM-1. I purchased a Bronica 645 camera which was handy for weddings – unfortunately the lens was not very sharp. So Live, Waste Money, Learn, then waste more money – lol!


    • Ain’t memories fun now that we are getting old. Regarding the picture, I am in the front wearing an olive green shirt.
      We all set up our cameras and ran for the steps. I was last and dived in.
      I had the RB with three lenses and a prizm head before I moved to the Hassy. The RB was a fun camera if one wasn’t photoing fast moving antelope.
      Both my wife and I used Hasselblad. We had 3 or 4 bodies, several different heads and many lenses.
      When I went to the T Cross Ranch I was still using a couple Pentax MX bodies – However, it wasn’t long before I moved to Nikon. Those were my main cameras, but the list is very long of all the cameras I have owned and shot with. Yep..we just spend $$$


    • The guy in the white suit was my friend Alan Atterton. Al Was an excellent scenic photographer.
      Yes,There wasn’t really any choice but Hasselblad if one wanted quality prints. My wife preferred the motorized ELM with it’s blazing 1 frame per second.


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