6 responses to “Deception Pass Kayaks

    • Those kayakers had just zoomed thru Deception pass Michael. I have gone thru that narrow waterway in a big boat. That was exciting enough, but in a Kayak it would have been adrenaline pumping.


      • Yikes! That reminds of when I was in our double open kayak with my young daughter and our dog. We were staying at a place on Saturna Island – I decided we could go for a short paddle to a nearby island only a few hundred yards away … but as soon as we entered the channel, a strong current swept us out and away into open rough waters of Georgia Strait. My arms were exhausted from trying to paddle against the current and so we starting drifting towards “Boiling Point Reef” which is full of deep whirlpools.
        I felt completely helpless and told my daughter that we needed to pray. Meanwhile my wife had happened to watch us from the house and saw us completely disappear. She called on a neighbor who was able to finally get their boat engine running and they thankfully rescued us before we drifted into the deep whirlpools. There’s a little more to the story but when we got home, I soon sold the kayak!


      • Whew! What a harrowing story Michael. Gosh, lucky your wife was watching and lucky your friend was around to help.
        I think the kayakers I photo’d were experienced in what they were doing. There were more on the other side of the bridge waiting to zoom thru.


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